January 21 super moon astrology

Waiting to take a well-deserved bow? This eclipse could send the most modest among us on a walk of fame. Post the Instagram, wage a PR campaign, make sure the world knows what you're capable of—and what you've already created while they were busy paying attention to someone else.

Total Lunar Eclipse

If you've already had your fifteen minutes, this eclipse offers a prime opportunity to signal-boost an up-and-comer. What goes around comes around! Aries : Major romantic developments even an engagement or pregnancy or a burst of creative genius that could become profitable in Taurus : News from a family member or changes at home, from a renovation to a relocation.

Gemini : Major shifts with your friend circle or the launching of a powerful partnership. Cancer : Money-making opportunities or a well-deserved promotion. Leo : Catapulting your talents and hard work of the past two years into the public eye. Virgo : Helping you forgive a frenemy or gain closure on a painful situation.

Super Blood Moon astrology: Everything to know about YOUR eclipse horoscope

Libra : Connecting you to your "soul squad," boosting popularity. Scorpio : Drawing in high-profile career opportunities and leadership positions at work. Sagittarius : Bringing a long-distance opportunity or a chance to travel. Capricorn : Deepening your connection to one special soul—and maybe breaking you away from a toxic relationship elsewhere. Aquarius : Revealing the right—and wrong! Pisces : Kicking wellness resolutions into high gear, taking on more leadership at work. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Rihanna Is Releasing a 'Visual Autobiography'.

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Hot Girl Summer Is Over. Fat Bear Fall Is Here. Getty Images. Related Story. Listen carefully to your intuition.

Taurus: You May Be Feeling Restrained Or Inhibited Lately

You're in the midst of meeting so many people, possibly even reconnecting with old friends. This could also mean you're letting go of communities that no longer serve your highest self. Your friends and the people you care about are undergoing some major changes. There are major changes coming in your career, possibly in the way you deal with power in your life. You could be coming in to some major responsibilities or receiving recognition for your work. It's time for you to fight for your rights and demand what you deserve. You're about to leave behind your comfort zone in a major way.

The universe is calling on you to expand your mind and go where you've never gone before. This could mean going back to school, traveling, or embarking on an adventure that takes you new places. A major aspect of your life could be coming to an end. This will feel emotional and super intense.

However, the new beginning that follows is full of hope, even though life may never be the same again. This could also mean that an overwhelming sexual awakening is on the horizon. Your closest relationships are transforming. You could be going through a breakup or even entering a relationship with someone new. A business partnership can possibly be on the horizon, as well as a new friend. The relationships that survive this period are here to stay.

Monday, January 14

Your overall mental, physical, and spiritual state is enduring a major transformation. For someone who loves to stare at and talk about themselves ad nauseam, you still have a lot to learn about yourself, dear lion! This eclipse will bring a new, made-over you. Expect all the changes you implement to impact your relationships, too. Secrets will be spilled during this eclipse—and the tea is all about you. This supermoon eclipse is in Leo, a fire sign that does things out of instinct, unlike you, the notoriously practical and logical earth sign!

Deep emotions will swell to the surface, and you need to be completely present in your body to cry, growl, squirm, scream, dance, run—anything to release this powerful, primal energy coursing through you. Your dreams are going to be very active during this period, and some secrets concerning your everyday life will come to the surface. Things that were impossible to see before will now be crystal clear—and the center of your focus. Harness the power of the eclipse by letting these people fall away from your life.

As an intense water sign, Scorpios tend to have a contentious relationship with the spotlight.


You tend to get down on yourself for wanting things that every human wants. Having a healthy ego can obviously be beneficial, and one crucial example is that the ways your ego is affected by something help reveal where your values lie. Tell yourself the truth, and respond in kind.

This supermoon eclipse is in fellow fire sign Leo, and while going through its turbulent energy may be rough, the changes set in motion for you will bring some amazing opportunities. Remember that eclipses are a fated time of release and course correction.

source url On the surface, you, a hardworking earth sign, and Leo, an ego-centric fire sign, appear to be completely different. However, you do have something in common: your high standards. This supermoon eclipse rocks your relationships, as you find your values changing and you realize that you me be giving much more than you are getting.

What's in the stars for you in January?