December 6 solstice astrology

At the same time, Mercury will no longer be in retrograde—which is good—but the shift from this period to the dominance of Capricorn , a sign of power, patriarchy and the law will not be a pleasant, astrologers say.

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Of course, the winter solstice has as much, if not more, to do with astronomy than astrology. The solstice will begin at EST on December 21, marking the longest day of the year and the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere. It conversely marks the longest summer day in the southern hemisphere.

The celebration of the winter solstice in Norse, Celtic, Welsh, Icelandic cultures and for First Nation peoples in modern-day Canada was not a gloomy affair. It marked the beginning of the return of spring. From the solstice onward, the days should get longer and the weather fairer. That being said, this is a transitional season for you, and your eternal quest for balance might be out of whack. Remember, being part of a community also involves taking care of yourself and respecting your own boundaries.

Experiment with getting to know yourself better this solstice. Physical healing modalities like acupuncture or reiki can also help add a dose of balance to an otherwise flimsy time for you. You would also be well served to celebrate the holiday by purifying your space and burning Sage or Palo Santo.


Stock up on incense now to burn throughout the winter to maintain that sense of hearth and home. Not you Scorpio! With Pluto as your ruling planet the celestial body which governs the underworld a trip into the mysterious is your comfort zone. Pluto rules over death, transformation, and rebirth, exactly what winter symbolizes. You have an innate understanding of the need to let things go in order to be reborn stronger.

This is a time of year for you to experiment, try on different hats, and see what sticks. Scorpios do much of their work in the shadows—think of them as your cosmic dressing room to prepare your next incarnation. Just make sure your energy is going to pursuits that deserve it.

This is an important time of year for all signs to work on their shadow selves, and Scorpio just happens to be better at that than most. Honoring the symbolic death of winter allows you to honor and let go of the parts of yourself that are no longer serving you. Who do you want to be as we prepare to welcome a new year? Can you envision the parts of yourself that are holding you back?

Light a candle or several!

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

Your season has just come to a close Sagittarius , putting you in a great position to use this solstice to manifest some major change. Since you just had a birthday, this solstice is less about determining what you want, and more about harnessing that bold Capricorn energy to move the needle in a big way.

Get outside and do some stargazing to ring in the start of winter. If you live in a warm place or you have the equipment , you might even want to camp outside for the night.

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  6. You may just come up with a game changing app or side hustle, and this Capricorn season is the time to make it real. Travel and excitement is one of the main ways you understand the world and feel connected, so make sure this is still a priority for you this winter. Anything to keep that internal fire burning.

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    Capricorn is the cardinal sign of winter that is, the sign that kicks off the season , so this winter solstice is an important time for you. As the sign of hard work, ambition, and success, Capricorn energy carries us into the new year to dream big and set resolutions. This is an especially potent time, as Saturn is in your sign until Saturn is the disciplinarian of the zodiac, responsible for structure, schedules, and routine.

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    Saturn is a planet of action, so write a business proposal or set up meetings—anything that gets the ball rolling on your goals for the next year. This is a great time for you to work with some prosperity rituals that will help manifest abundance in the new year.


    Anoint a green candle with oils like frankincense seasonally appropriate! Crystals like jade, green aventurine, and pyrite are also useful tools for this time of year.

    Love Compatibility

    Take this opportunity to break down your schedule and rework your routine. Starting or strengthening a yoga practice will help you maintain that sense of discipline and grounded-ness that will carry you through the season. For example, gluttony, greed, selfishness, feeling isolated from others, lying, stealing, procrastination, not speaking up for yourself, or whatever habitual response to life that has undermined you. After carefully considering your list, choose ONE of the three qualities of character you would like your Higher Power to remove from you.

    On a piece of paper, write down that behavior and list FOUR instances when it has gotten in your way. This is a day to leave that quality from your past behind you and not take it with you into your future. To demonstrate your resolve, if you are in a suitable environment, make a bonfire and burn your paper. Notice over the next three days whether or not you are exhibiting that quality you have resolved to leave behind.

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    If so, allow yourself to cease doing it. Just being aware of it can wake you up to releasing it permanently. Your resolve will create a new habit. On the day that signifies the beginning of each of the four seasons of the year, throughout history people have gathered together in groups to celebrate bringing in the new cycle. The Honoring Life ritual suggested for bringing in the new cycle can be done alone or as part of a group that can empower the new cycle through shared celebration! Making an important decision?

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